WA readers: Are you worrying about work this long weekend?

Why this isn't helpful, and how to take a mindful moment.

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WA readers: Are you worrying about work this long weekend?

Did you just check your phone when the email notification about this blog post arrived? Are you under pressure to condense five days of productivity into just four days? Is worrying about this the best way to spend your long weekend?

Consider your answers to these questions. Whether you are stressed this week or not, we all know what it is like to be under the pump to get things done at work – that is the nature of the beast. When you notice that lightening bolt of worry shoot through your body, or the weighed down pressure of stress, take a moment to acknowledge the thoughts, feelings and sensations you are experiencing. Then, actively make the decision that rather than worrying about those thoughts, feelings and sensations, you are simply observing them in your body and recognizing that yes, this is uncomfortable, but no, it is not the end of the world. From here, take a moment to focus on your breathing. Take a slow breath in, and a slow breath out. The intent behind the mindful act of focusing on your breath is to help you ground yourself firmly in the present. When taking the time to consciously focus on your breath for a few moments, actively consider your posture and release any tension in your body. The act of focusing on your breathing and relaxing your body will put you in a more comfortable state where you are better equipt to think rationally and make wiser decisions.

So this week remember, to acknowledge your thoughts, feelings and sensations, observe them and take a moment to breath.