How can it help improve your employee's performance and well-being?

Acuity Group


Have you ever caught yourself wondering, "what is all this 'mindfulness' about?" and "how can it benefit me and my business?"

If you have considered these questions, you are not alone. Researchers have investigated the secondary, work related effects of practicing mindfulness.  Not surprisingly practicing mindfulness has been associated with improved decision making, communication, coping with stressful events and increased job satisfaction among other work related effects. 

Globe's 2011 paper "Mindfulness at Work" explains the mindfulness-based processes developed by practicing mindfulness (e.g. affective regulation) and the possible work-related effects (e.g. improved communication). See the attached summary of effects of mindfulness on employee performance and well-being.

Considering the benefits of mindfulness to employee performance and well-being, are you now asking yourself, "how do I learn more about mindfulness?" If so, contact us at Acuity for more information about our Mindfulness at Work program.