Finding Your Purpose

Ikigai Card Game

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Finding Your Purpose


Finding your purpose provides context for decision making, helping you to understand why you do what you do, and how it is expressed in your business. In a larger business, this concept of purpose may otherwise be called the mission. Arriving at your purpose can be quite the intuitive exercise, and your coach will help to guide and assist.

Another way to facilitate the approach to your purpose is via the card game, Ikigai. Developed by Ten Company in The Netherlands to assist clients in career transition, we are pleased to support it in Australia.

This card game is developed to inspire, to open your mind and to challenge thinking. The purpose of the game is aimed to assist in making meaningful choices about what to do with the rest of your professional life. Ikigai, a reason for being, comes from Japanese, where 'iki' refers to 'life' and 'kai' to the 'realisation of what one expects and hopes for. It's no co-incidence that in the Okinawan Island culture, renowned for their longevity, everyone knows their Ikigai.

Suitable for coaches, career counsellors, and HR professionals, the game can be played by coach and client, or as a group workshop. 

For more information on the Ikigai card game, or to purchase a set, click here.

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