Here are a few examples of how we’ve helped business owners take control of their business growth

Swan Group: From Office Interiors to Building Industry Leaders in Western Australia.

Why they came to us:

Shane and Lene of Swan Office Interiors were already experiencing growth in their office fit-out business but wanted expert guidance to scale their operations and take their venture to the next level.

What we did:

Acuity reviewed the business, distilled their market position, introduced structure, and provided clarity around their culture. We also implemented new business development strategies to reach new clients and markets.

The result:

Shane and Lene, using Acuity's coaching principles, successfully transformed their company. Swan Group has since emerged as a market leader in building and project management in Western Australia.

"When we first met with Acuity, we thought it would be a great idea to take on a business coach, as we heard so many great things about Acuity. We were a little concerned about if we could afford to employ a business coach, but it was one of the best decisions we have made as a company. He brought in structure and direction, and helped us quadruple turnover and profits, but the biggest asset has been that we have a life now. Swan continually refers other businesses to Acuity. Thanks Acuity for helping us create a sustainable business."

Shane & Lene

5 Senses Coffee: Transforming from Charismatic Leadership to Structured Success.

Why they came to us:

After 8 years of growth, 5 Senses Coffee felt overwhelmed by the challenges of managing a medium-sized business. Their charismatic leadership was driving success, but a lack of focus on operational details led to accountability issues, and there was an unclear cultural vision for new staff.

What we did:

Acuity initiated an in-depth discussion with key members to understand core issues. We proposed a new company structure that clarified internal accountability and repositioned the founder into a stewardship role, allowing him to concentrate on big-picture strategies. Rob Bentley played a pivotal role in this transformative process.

The result:

5 Senses Coffee became more focused, efficient, profitable, and sustainable. They are now confidently set on a path of continued growth and success without the lingering fear of potential derailments.

"After 8 years of rapid and consistent growth we weren’t too sure whether we were running the business or the business was running us! ... Acuity was one of the smartest business decisions we’ve made in our 12-year history! We were referred to Acuity by an industry contact and Acuity immediately put us at ease. So began a significant restructuring and education process that sees us as a more focused, efficient, profitable, and sustainable business. We now feel well-placed and confident to continue our trajectory of growth and success without feeling like one of the wheels could fall off at any time. It’s fair to say engaging Acuity was one of the smartest business decisions we’ve made in our 12-year history!”

Shaughan Dunne, Managing Director

Clockwork: From Operational Enhancement to Tripling Net Profit.

Why they came to us:

Upon acquiring Clockwork (previously Mytec) in 2006, the new owners recognized the potential for improving operational efficiencies, capturing a larger market share in the printing sector, and fostering a cohesive team culture. They aimed to reduce the business's dependency on their involvement and had an ambitious goal to triple its net profit.

What we did:

Acuity's first step was to instate an efficient functional business structure and magnify operational efficacy. We facilitated the development and incorporation of a fresh organizational culture rooted in defined values and behaviours. Through an annual review, a strategic planning procedure was set in place, which eventually led to the decision of rebranding the company. Additionally, a profit incentive scheme was launched for senior members, and they participated in Acuity’s Mindful Leadership Program to sharpen their leadership capabilities and self-awareness.

The result:

Clockwork witnessed substantial improvements in both operational aspects and company culture. With the tools and training provided, the leadership began understanding their colleagues better, making delegation more efficient, and enhancing their client management. These transformations not only boosted the company's bottom line but also set them on a path to achieve their goal of tripling their net profit.

"We have worked with Acuity for several years now... Our understanding of each other's objectives, personalities, strengths, and weaknesses has had a tremendously positive effect on us and the bottom line of the business. The guys have provided us with tools to delegate tasks more readily and monitor the results without risk... They have been an excellent sounding board for the directors when we have been unable to recognize a clear strategy... I have no hesitation in recommending them."

Ted Mangan, Director

Strategic Mines: Guided Evolution from Idea Phase to Stable Operations.

Why they came to us:

David, with deep experience in mining operations, was at a crossroads. He was gravitating towards high-level corporate roles which would distance him from the strategic operational tasks he loved. Opting to start his own venture, David found himself awash with ideas, doubts, and the challenges inherent to starting as a sole trader, unsure of how to crystallize his vision into a tangible business.

What we did:

Acuity advised David to delay the launch until precise positioning was established. Recognizing his knack as a problem solver and mediator between process engineers and top management, we correctly positioned him within the market. Furthermore, we equipped David with essential business insights, allowing him to concentrate on his core strengths.

The result:

Strategic Mines transitioned from the start-up phase, establishing necessary support systems under Acuity’s guidance. They now operate with stability rather than reactivity, laying a robust foundation for future growth.

"Creating Strategic Mines has always been something that I have wanted to do. Meeting the Acuity guys and having them alongside for the journey has been invaluable in providing the structure to turn what was initially many different ideas and thoughts into the foundation blocks that underpin the values, essence and culture of Strategic Mines... Acuity’s processes, questions, and overall approach to business coaching have definitely helped build Strategic Mines into what it is now... As a business, we are in a phase of consolidating from the initial start-up phase... This is providing a solid platform to leverage from in the coming years. I would have no hesitation in recommending Acuity to someone who is stepping out to create their business from scratch."

David Wandel, Founder and Managing Director

Weck Group's Transformation: From Neutral Profitability to a Thriving Future-Ready Business.

Why they came to us:

Weck Group, a renowned family-owned business in Pukekohe, New Zealand, specialized in manufacturing wooden bins, crates, and pallets and supplying building materials and hardware. Despite their long-standing reputation, they confronted challenges including partnership misalignment, persistent conflicts, outdated operating and management structures, stagnant profitability, and the pressing need to redefine their market position.

What we did:

Acuity redefined Weck Group's vision and goals, ensuring role clarity and laying out a future-focused succession plan. Through conflict resolution techniques, they addressed underlying issues, laying the foundation for a revamped corporate culture. An optimized operational structure was introduced alongside rigorous cost management systems. Acuity expanded Weck Group's market positioning, delivered a fresh strategic roadmap, and offered comprehensive leadership training to empower the team and boost performance.

The result:

The outcome was the rejuvenation of Weck Group into a well-directed, highly profitable enterprise. Embracing an invigorated culture, the company is now well-equipped to meet the personal aspirations of its owners and achieve its financial objectives. It stands as a testament to successful adaptation and growth, ready for the future's challenges and opportunities.

"GJ Weck and Sons Ltd is a second-generation family-owned business. After 16 years of maintaining the same foundational business model without significant structural or procedural changes, it became evident that adjustments were necessary, especially with impending shareholder retirements and the emergence of the next generation. Our decision to collaborate with Acuity Group stemmed from their extensive experience and unique approach. Their coaching and training, coupled with the plethora of tools they employ, have not only clarified our vision but also significantly boosted our profitability. The shift in our company culture, spearheaded by Acuity, ensures our readiness for the future. Although our journey is still unfolding, I eagerly anticipate our continued partnership with Acuity, confident in the exciting path ahead."

Grant Weck, CEO, Weck Group, Pukekohe NZ


Acuity's Proven Coaching Blueprint:
Transforming Businesses Step-by-Step

Deep Dive

Acuity begins its coaching journey by thoroughly understanding a business's current standing, objectives, challenges, and potential. This involves gauging the overall health of the company, its culture, operational efficiencies, and market position.

Strategic Positioning
and Clarity

Using insights from the discovery phase, Acuity helps businesses clearly define their market positioning, ensuring we leverage their unique strengths and address any gaps in their offerings. This step is crucial in setting the direction for the business's future growth.

Role Clarity and Structure

Acuity designs and assists businesses implement a functional business structure that is scalable, ensures role clarity, and accountability. This ensures the business is not reliant on the owner and leverages the skillsets and value of team members to drive business growth.

Team Building and Culture Development

Recognising that a company's success is deeply intertwined with its team, Acuity focuses on developing a cohesive and productive organizational culture. We engage teams in creating shared values, improving collaboration, and aligning personal and organisational objectives.

Leadership Empowerment

Acuity’s coaching sessions are designed to mold leaders who are self-aware, decisive, and influential. These sessions aim to equip leaders with the skills to lead their teams effectively, ensuring alignment with the company's broader goals.

Scaling and Future Planning

With the foundation solidified, Acuity aids businesses in scaling their operations, tapping into new markets, and planning for the future. We work on strategic planning processes, ensuring the business is always prepared for the next phase of growth.

Continuous Monitoring and Feedback

If you don't monitor it, you can't manage it. As part of the coaching sessions, Acuity reviews the client's progress implementing the initiatives developed in previous sessions. This allows Acuity to assess effectiveness and refine as required, ensuring alignment with the broader business goals.

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Meet the Acuity Business Coaches

Steve Connell

Steve’s accounting and business consulting career led into training and development. He’s delivered leadership, sales and frontline service workshops and programs in Australia and Asia. He became a business coach in 1999. Steve works with businesses to establish the Vision, Culture, Strategies, and Operating Structures needed for success, along with the skills required to implement growth and change.

A qualified Mindfulness teacher, Steve’s committed to helping business owners deal with the stresses of the modern commercial environment, and live lives of purpose, focus and wellbeing.

Oscar Pellizzon

Oscar, formerly a partner of a successful boutique accounting firm, understands the requirements of selling a professional service, and the need to develop referral relationships that generate new business. He now applies his twenty years experience helping businesses grow, and assisting owners and staff to balance the need to perform with managing the energy required to sustain it. As a trained Mindfulness instructor, Oscar shares a unique skillset with his fellow Acuity colleagues, in being able to assist clients cope with the stresses of business ownership in the twenty-first century.

Steve Goddard

Steve, formerly a partner of a significant accounting practice, became a business coach in 2002. In that time, he has conducted numerous leadership and management workshops, specialising in strategic planning for small to medium sized firms. Steve has also completed an instructors course in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), and balances his significant commercial acumen with an acute understanding of challenges.

Robert Bentley

Robert has been a business coach since 2003, following a successful military and corporate career. Robert has studied at Harvard Business School and also developed the Acuity Leadership Program in 2007. Known on social media as the 'Carpool Coach', Robert has also completed an instructors course in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), so is able to assist his clients with the significant stress that can accom pany business ownership. He is a founding member of Quorum, a shared economy of small businesses, and has authored two books, Small Business Wisdom, and RAPPORT.


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