From Accountant to Advisor

Enhancing your practice

From Accountant to Advisor


The accounting profession is changing. Technology is altering people's perceptions of value and time, and regulation is driving an increase in compliance focus.

According to PwC Australia, "nearly 100% of the tasks performed by accountants will be automated by 2035. Accounting is at the top of the list of professions expected to fall victim to digital disruption".

Most SME accounting practices realise the need to adapt and change, and to find new ways to deliver value to their clients. The boom in business coaching points to a latent demand from business owners for support in growing and improving their enterprise. Most accountants provide business advice to their clients, but it is often ad hoc, and unstructured. Time to move from accountant to advisor.

From Accountant to Advisor is a program that will provide the concepts, education, tools and support to enhance your practice. With this new structured service, you will be able to leverage your time better, help your clients in a way they value, generate new client referrals, and protect your client base.

Acuity will pass on our proven methods for enhancing businesses, and provide support while you implement them in your own practice first, and then in your clients' businesses.

Benefits to your practice

  • Develop an additional revenue stream
  • Deliver more value to your clients 
  • increase retention and loyalty in your client base
  • Increase referrals from existing clients
  • Retain your own staff, by providing a stimulating opportunity to learn new skills
  • Reduce career boredom
  • Reinvigorate your practice
  • Leverage your time better

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